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The Consumer Barometer is a tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world.

The Consumer Barometer is a free tool that delivers consumer insights to support planning and decision-making in a fast changing digital landscape.

The Online & Multiscreen World

People are more connected than ever, with increased access across many devices, especially smartphones. The Online & Multiscreen World helps marketers and planners understand when, how and why people use the Internet. The base of this section is the entire population, both on and offline.

The Smart Shopper

The Internet plays a key role in the consumer journey for many product categories. As a result, an integrated marketing strategy is critical for marketers and planners. The Smart Shopper shows how marketers can reach customers at key decision-making moments across 20 products. Respondents were asked to discuss a recent purchase in a specific product category.

The Local Business Shopper

Location-based advertising offers new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to successfully attract consumer attention. The Local Shopper helps businesses to understand where and when people look for local information and what type of information is most relevant, thereby enhancing their advertising strategies. Respondents were asked to think about a recent occasion where they searched for a local business.

The International Shopper

As internet usage grows, so too does the potential for international online purchases. The International Shopper section allows businesses to explore the possibility of new customer bases by identifying motivations and barriers for cross-border purchases. Respondents were asked to report on their past experiences with online international purchases.

The Smart Viewer

Online video has become a key channel for consuming content. The Smart Viewer section offers insight into the contexts and motivations of people watching online videos, enabling planners to better understand and target their audience in this space. Respondents were asked about a recent online video session (within the past week) on a particular device.


Data in the Consumer Barometer is pulled from two sources – the core Consumer Barometer questionnaire, which is focused on the adult online population, and Connected Consumer Study, which seeks to enumerate the total adult population and is used to weight the Consumer Barometer results.

Consumer Barometer from Google for The Netherlands:

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